PCE and chlorinated solvents

  • Experience in the field since 2006;
  • Master’s on the topic of in situ remediation of PCE and chlorinated solvent site contaminations;
  • Environmental site assessments (phases I, II and III);
  • Environmental site rehabilitation:
    - Excavation;
    - In situ remediation.
  • Counter-expertise on the possible causes of contaminations and presence of cross-contaminations in legal cases.

ABi Enviro-Solutions is at the fore-front when it comes to chlorinated solvent contaminations. These compounds are problematic in that they are often denser than water creating deep and problematic contaminations. Our knowledge as regards to in situ remediation strategies will allow owners of these contaminated sites to take the best possible decisions.

Since March 2018, the MDDELCC can finance in situ remediation projects through its InnovEnSol program: http://www.mddep.gouv.qc.ca/programmes/innovensol/index.htm.