Our services

  • Environmental consulting;
  • Environmental site assessments (phase I, II and III);
  • Contaminated site rehabilitation (excavation or in situ);
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Soil, groundwater sampling;
  • Site mapping and modeling (soil and groundwater);
  • Environmental forensics and counter-valuation (legal disputes);
  • Assistance for in situ rehabilitation projects;
  • Assistance for movie location managing (environment);
  • Restoration of damaged land (ecologically sensitive zones brownfields or other);
  • Valorization of residual materials;
  • Research and development of applied green technologies.

ABi Enviro-Solutions has profound knowledge of contaminated sites that are polluted with chlorinated solvents (PCE, TCE), VOCs and petroleum hydrocarbons. This also allows us to intervene in the field of environmental forensics to help settle legal disputes over contaminated properties. We perform environmental soil and groundwater sampling as well as site mapping and modeling for different situations. We are able to intervene in many ways to find solutions that address your environmental concerns.

Land management

In association with our qualified partners, we can manage land restoration projects for ecologically sensitive zones or other as well as for brownfields.

Green technologies

We can offer assistance and consulting for in situ environmental rehabilitation projects and applied green technologies that are aimed at solving environmental issues (residual material valorization, industrial ecology).