About us

ABi Enviro-Solutions is an environmental firm that specializes in the environmental rehabilitation of contaminated sites.

Its field of expertise also encompasses:

  •   -environmental site assessments (phase I, II and III);

  •   -research and development (R and D) aimed at finding innovative solutions to contaminated properties; such as in situ rehabilitation;

  •   -environmental monitoring, contaminated-site modeling, and "conceptual site models"   (extensive information and modeling on contaminated sites before intervention);

  •   -residual matter valorization and applied green technologies.

This expertise allows us to intervene in the field of environmental forensics and offer counter-valuation services which help discern the responsibilities of each party in the case of complex contaminations or situations.

We offer second opinions on environmental situations which allow you to take the best possible decisions.

What we have to offer

Environmental consulting

Environmental consulting for land owners and managers, or consulting firms implicated in extensive site assessments or in situ rehabilitation projects (specialized with pollutants such as PCE, TCE, VOCs and petroleum hydrocarbons).

Environmental site assessments

Phase I reports following the requirements of Canadian standards CSA-Z768-01 (C2012) and recommendations of the Guide de caractérisation des terrains of the MDDELCC (Ministry of Environment of Quebec). Phase II and III site assessment reports using the Canadian standards CAN/CSA-Z769-00 (2013) and recommendations of the Guide de caractérisation des terrains.

Environmental rehabilitation of contaminated or damaged land

Excavation and/or in situ rehabilitation of contaminated sites. Restoration of damaged properties (brownfields, ecologically sensitive areas and other).

Environmental forensics

Countervaluation using the principals of environmental forensics to determine the responsibilities of each party in legal disputes that concern contaminated sites.

Environmental sampling and site mapping/modeling

Soil and groundwater sampling for contaminated sites and other. Environmental monitoring, mapping and modeling of contaminated-sites and/or physicochemical conditions of the subsurface (soil and groundwater). Mapping of ground deposits (sand, gravel, silt and clay).

Environmental consulting and environmental project managing for the movie industry

Prevention (risk management), assistance, site restoration (following shootings) and ecological project management.